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Insight to Impact Consulting

Powered by insight, focused on people

Unlocking value through change

Sculpting a vision.  Learning something new through research.  Activating insights in the business.  Developing capability.  Doing things differently.  Ultimately, these are all change projects.  And landing them successfully all comes down to people.


Getting stuff done in organisations still requires people to work together, to make decisions, and to move things forward. 


And that can be hard if you don’t have enough time or talent available with the right skills and experience.

With a powerful blend of qualitative insight and deep human leadership I can help you land impactful change that will drive your business forwards.

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The in3dinsights model below illustrates how I help client teams unlock value by working together more effectively, making better decisions, achieving more impact and and making faster progress

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Happy customers...

James went above and beyond on this brand positioning project. 

His knowledge and analysis / delivery skills were invaluable in creating real insight for the client and I highly recommend working with him

Managing Director

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Hello there...

I’m James Powell, Director of in3dinsights Ltd.

Here’s a little bit about me.  I’m tall and ginger and like wearing shorts.


After 20+ years in corporate life I founded my own business because I was seeking more flexibility, autonomy and variety.  And because being my own boss is way more fun.


I have successfully led insight work and transformation initiatives across financial services, management consultancy, and central government, spanning customer insight, research, strategy, proposition, and capability development.  I’m now pretty fluent in corporate buzzwords, but prefer plain English.

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Over that time I've realised that my super-power is bringing people together to collaborate effectively.  Folks at work are emotional creatures, with a mixture of motivations and desires.  To help them move forwards harmoniously requires deep human understanding, a good helping of strategy and insight and a bit of humour.


Drawing on my professional experiences, I now specialise in helping clients with 'insight-informed, people-centred change’.


If that sounds interesting and useful then let's have a chat


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