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Meet the founder

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Hi there.  I'm James Powell, the founding director of 

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I've spent the last 20+ years leading insight work across financial services, management consultancy, and central government.

I'm a maker and a performer at heart, and I’m most energised by the creative spark of new ideas.  I love the design process of shaping a concept, collaboratively exploring and developing the idea, then bringing it to life with storytelling and theatre.

My leadership roles have all involved humour, humanity and humility, and creating the best colleague experience possible.  I firmly believe that engaged, switched on people who are enabled to be brilliant and enjoy their work is the priority.  All the good things that inevitably follow are just a bonus.

I’m an accomplished performer and love being on stage, presenting, hosting, facilitating or chairing, and bringing people together around a common purpose.  Alongside a focus on insight, I've developed a breadth of experience spanning strategy, proposition, and capability development.  An articulate communicator, diplomat and collaborator I’m pretty fluent in corporate buzzwords but prefer talking in plain English.   

I would love to have a chat about your insight needs and whether we can help.

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